The Other Side of the Bayou
(formerly third i)

by C.E. Stewart

Now available on Amazon and through Balboa Press

THE OTHER SIDE OF THE BAYOU is a soulful - if not painful - recounting of my journey as a psychic healer. Diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, I turned to memories of my tortured youth for answers and ultimately, healing. Join me for a dive back into the swampy abyss of my hometown of New Orleans, where as a child I endured violent abuse of every kind.

It's been said that often healers of caliber are "front loaded" with early traumatic experiences as an initiation of sorts. Raised by an alcoholic father and and a schizophrenic mother, there was no comfort to be found other than my paranormal abilities (and talking to the dead), which saved my life more than once. Perhaps the take away from my life story will be the faith that what we survive can become the glorious springboard to thriving. I did!